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The Office of Vatroslav Bubalo

Dr. Sc. Vatroslav Bubalo Specialist of dental prosthetics, fifteen years of clinical experience in the work he obtained at the Clinical Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb, where he began his speciality and successfully passed the specialist exam 2000. Year.

The Clinical Institute of Dental Prosthetics, which is located within the Clinical Hospital Dubrava, together with the clinic for jaw surgery, has determined the breadth of the area covered by dental prosthodontics, so with everyday simpler prosthetic aids such as Complete or partial moves, crowns or bridges, a distinctive feature is the production of resectional denture.


Postgraduate studies in the field of dental prosthetics began in 1995. Research work on the Instritutu Ruđer Bošković who successfully ended the master’s thesis on 30 May 2000. Year

Eksepirmental Research

The dissertation was the result of a multi-annual experimental research of materials for the production of prosthetic devices, which he defended on 30 June 2010. Year


He is the author of about twenty scientific and professional papers, some of which were published in CC magazines, actively participated in numerous international congresses and professional gatherings in the country and abroad.

The most demanding cases

The most demanding cases of prosthetic rehabilitation as a consequence of the trauma caused by traffic accidents, war injuries, post-operative interventions are precisely the peculiarity and challenge that can be confirmed by a long-standing specialist practice.

He speaks English and German and serves Italian. He is a member of several domestic and foreign associations such as the Croatian Medical Association, Croatian Dental Association of the Croatian Medical Association, Society for Prosthetics of the Croatian Medical Association, the European Prosthodontic Association (EPA).

At the same time with scientific work, Dr. Sc. Vatroslav Bubalo perfects the knowledge in everyday practical work with patients in KB Dubrava, while specialist interventions in the field of dental prosthetics are performed in a joint office which With his older brother in Kranjčevićeva Street in Zagreb.

Specialist Ordinacija Dr. Sc. Vatroslav Bubalo collaborates with the oral surgeon (full professor) and with the special Periodontology and dental pathology (private specialist practice), in order to better prepare prosthetic rehabilitation.