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  • Pathology TMZ
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Dental prosthetics

  • Fixed-crowns and bridges of superior aesthetics from metal and non-metallic ceramics, inlayi, ceramic shell
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Oral Surgery

  • Oral surgical procedures-tooth extraction, apicotomy, correction of soft and bone tissues

About us

Dr. Sc. Vatroslav Bubalo Specialist of dental prosthetics, fifteen years of clinical experience in the work he obtained at the Clinical Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb, where he began his speciality and successfully passed the specialist exam 2000. Year.

The Clinical Institute of Dental Prosthetics, which is located within the Clinical Hospital Dubrava, together with the clinic for jaw surgery, has determined the breadth of the area covered by dental prosthodontics, so with everyday simpler prosthetic aids such as Complete or partial moves, crowns or bridges, a distinctive feature is the production of resectional denture.