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dr.sc. Vatroslav Bubalo

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Vatroslav Bubalo specialist in prosthodontics

Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry whereby the dentist performs an esthetically higher level of implantology and full mouth reconstruction to offer the most advanced form of sequencing treatment, restorative treatment and maintenance.This treatment may involve multi-discipline levels of care, including the re-treatment of failures affecting the mouth and smile, maxillofacial (jaw and face) abnormalities, cases stemming from congenital disorders, cases stemming from oral/maxillofacial trauma or neglect, and complex anatomical features of the teeth, gums and supporting bone structure that require advanced dental care.

Prosthodontic treatment can provide the highest level of esthetic reconstructive dentistry. Prosthodontics is one of nine fields of dentistry to be recognized by the ADA. Incorporating state-of-the-art procedures, the prosthodontist is often viewed as the “architect” of a restorative dental treatment plan.

A prosthodontist is a type of dentist that focuses in the field of prosthodontics. Dental school graduates seeking a career as a prosthodontist must attend an additional three to four years of schooling in an American Dental Association (ADA)-approved program.

A prosthodontist is typically the one who decides the best course of treatment for partially or completely edentulous patients. one. Prosthodontists work with their patients to help determine a treatment plan and establish a level of patient expectancy. The resulting work provides for an oral-facial esthetic balance.

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